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Why is data more accurate and timely with InfoQuest?


All 1200+ of our Research Associates are W2 employees, meaning we ensure they’re trained in best research practices and work predictable schedules that can be managed by our internal logistics team. A structure that translates into data points that are collected on-time and with more accuracy!

What types of data can you collect?


There are potentially limitless questions for which your organization could want answers, which is why InfoQuest not only lets you customize the ‘ask’ but also the data you get back from the field.


And with multistep in-app validation and human review, non-sensical responses are a thing of the past!







The InfoQuest Process

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With a project builder that incorporates our best practices, creating your next data collection project is simple. And because these are your Quests, we’re turning over the controls to you so you can craft questions and collect data that’s unique to your business needs.

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Our international network of research associates is always on standby to complete your next Quest; however, we recognize the value in having your team members do the data collection from time to time. Therefore, InfoQuest allows you to manage teams lists and assign data collection work to your team members if needed

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Quality data starts with quality data collection tools - with InfoQuest, we pulled out all the stops to ensure your team and ours have everything they need to be successful in collecting quality data. With intuitive completion steps and live in-app validation, data collection just became a whole lot more reliable.

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Once your projects are in the field, we'll give you visibility into its progress with monitors and in-app assistance to handle unexpected issues, delays, and see real-time updates on the collection progress.

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InfoQuest's suite of visualizations are designed to makes your data collection efforts more fruitful by showing you actionable, intelligent results from the data you worked hard to collect. Say 'goodbye' to non-sensical, generic reports that don't adapt to your proejcts and 'hello' to real insights.

The InfoQuest Process

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