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Leading Garden Supplier

Working with InfoQuest is beyond easy. Quick turnarounds, consistent data, and simple & personal support allow me to look through the eyes of the consumer and helps me merchandise my products better.

National Coverage of Employed Researchers

With our best-in-class training and data quality monitors in conjunction with our thousands of researchers employed in every city across North America actively completing thousands of projects every week, you’re guaranteed sensible, timely data where and when you need it.

Customizable Projects for Any Industry

Understand the shopping experiences of your customers with complete control over the size, questions, and insight you need captured for the unique perspectives and goals of your organization.

Data Diversity to go from Numbers to Narratives

Your customer is judging your brand primarily by their brick-and-mortar experience they have with your company. Our ability to collect both qualitative and quantitative data in near real time gets you the information needed to fuel your everyday decision making.

Your path to accurate, timely data anywhere in store.

Projects of every size and budget

No set up fees or minimum spends. From small ad-hoc checks at a single store to recurring audits that support enterprise growth, data collection of every size is manageable in InfoQuest.

No matter your role, we get you critical brick-and-mortar data to fuel consequential decision making.

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We’ll help you tackle the industry challenges you’re facing with observational intelligence that helps you make informed decisions.