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Are you maximizing efficiencies of verified omni-channel collections?

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Accurate, Actionable, and Timely Pricing Intelligence

In a complex and dynamic market, pricing can make or break a retailer’s results. Timely, accurate and actionable omni-channel Pricing Intelligence allows retailers to make informed decisions and build competitive strategies that maximize business impact.

The Power of Pricing Intelligence

An industry pioneer of 30 years, RetailData’s proven, omni-channel process fuels retailer strategy and systems with timely and accurate data at massive scale, powered by unparalleled pricing expertise. Our proprietary, industry-leading approach informs decisions that impact revenue with highly actionable Pricing Intelligence.

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“We could not hire enough people to check prices across the competition. RetailData provides pricing at scale, as well as strategic insight into what that data means and the impact on our business.”

“We get a data feed … every week, like clockwork. They efficiently collect the data to power the engine that allows us to better serve customers.”

“RetailData helps us with transparency of our pricing versus the competition, e.g., trends, where we are winning, where we are losing, where we can sharpen our pencil.”

“We have an extremely collaborative process with RetailData.”

“This is the level of work only a boots-on-the-ground service company can provide.”

“You made it easy for me to be successful in my role. Your company is a model of success for what vendors should strive to be.”

“If every {store} supplier were as dedicated and focused as {you} we would all be exponentially better off.”

“You’ve done a great job meeting our crazy requests, and have been fantastic partners.”

“As usual, you have come through and exceeded our expectations.”

“I would put the partnership we’ve built up against the best supplier partnerships we have … The collaboration has been tremendous and there is no way {we} could be successful without you and your team.”

“RetailData’s ability to adjust schedules, staff up and support our requests for new markets, and handle ad hoc requests for price initiatives gives us the info we need to drive our business.”

“Your tools allow us the flexibility to create fast compare reports and provide us the quick translation of the competitors’ house brands to our linked UPCs so we always understand the market.”

“Your team always has such a great sense of urgency and dedication to service!”

“RetailData, our partner, pulled out all the stops. This is great value added work by them.”

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