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Your complete observational intelligence and auditing solutions partner

For 35 years, we’ve grown and adapted to become the leading omni-channel (online & in-store) data collection partner to businesses in every industry. We have data collection solutions for your business.

Whatever your application – clean, trustworthy data is the foundation of informed decision-making.

Program Development

Setting up an enterprise-scale data collection project correctly is anything but easy. With decades of experience collecting data in a variety of settings, our dedicated account managers will ensure your project is scoped correctly and has all the resources it needs to be successful.
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In-Store Data Collection

See what customers see when they enter your business and competing establishments. Whether collecting competitive pricing data, measuring operational compliance, or gaining insights into the customer experience, our team of in-store audits can make it happen!
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Online Data Collection

Online and e-commerce environments are a treasure trove of valuable data that can give you meaningful insights into your business and competing operations, but only if you have the tools to access them. Our partners are unlocking the full value of web data thanks to our pioneering technologies and our team of data engineers.
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Do-It-Yourself Collection

It makes sense that you want your own team members involved in collecting data to see first-hand how things are running in your organization and at the competition. Using the tools we've built for our researchers, your team can produce more accurate, timely data by trading pen and paper collections with a RetailData partnership.
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Program Development

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Ways to partner with RetailData


Every business is unique and needs a partnership tailored to its challenges. Whether a small start-up working to create a new brand or a national franchised chain vigilantly maintaining standards, RetailData can deliver the data you need to run a successful company.

Enterprise Scale Data Collection

Looking to establish a recurring cycle of data collection that will inform hallmark strategies for your business? If so, we have the resources to support such a need now and into the future.

Ad Hoc Research

When you need limited data collection for special projects, our team of in-field research associates and web auditing engineers are available to deliver timely results. Don’t let the need for custom data hold back your next big idea!

Technology Partners

We’ve built industry-leading data collection tools for our research team and now they’re available for your teams to use! Collecting professional-grade data becomes a lot easier when you have professional-grade tools to do the job.

Solutions for every industry


Regardless of your industry, every business has a need for data that lets them review their competitiveness and uncover how to attract more customers. With professionally trained researchers across the country and data collection tools that work in any setting, see how RetailData has helped its partners be successful in the following industries:


Get a handle on price, promotional, and assortment strategies by benchmarking against competitors that matter in your fight for more market share.

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With the help of competitive data, fill your shelves with products that shoppers want at price points that keep them coming back!

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Give your guests the best possible experience by refining your operations with data that tells you what customers want and where to improve your services.

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To make every meal the best it can be, collect data on where you are meeting standards and where there's room to improve. From breakfast to dinner, this will help you identify areas for improvement.

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Whether discovering market gaps for your products to fill or defining a better pricing and promotional strategy, using observational intelligence can turn your brand into the next big thing!

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Uncompromised data quality is core to our business and yours!

We understand that accurate data leads to better decision-making. That’s why we use advanced technology and rigorous quality control and validation measures to ensure that the data we collect is accurate, reliable, and actionable.


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Let’s Get to Work


We’ll help you tackle the industry challenges you’re facing with observational intelligence that helps you make informed decisions.