InfoQuest: Your on-the-ground eyes & ears for Ops and CX intel

Collect trusted, timely observations from any consumer-facing location

Introducing InfoQuest by RetailData, a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing real-world intelligence for any consumer-facing business – from retailers to franchises, CPG brands, QSRs, etc. Drawing from over three decades of expertise in capturing competitive data within retail environments, InfoQuest broadens RetailData’s proven field data collection capabilities to encompass any qualitative or quantitative operational and customer experience insights.


As your trusted eyes and ears on the ground, the InfoQuest platform streamlines the setup of any desired observation with highly customizable parameters, ensuring the information collected is primed to address your critical business questions.

Unlike all crowdsourced data collection services, which are prone to missing time-sensitive information or delivering inconsistent results, InfoQuest directly taps into RetailData’s dedicated and experienced Research Associates, who you can think of as your extended eyes and ears. They guarantee reliable and expedited ‘Quest’ completion.

From ensuring operational protocols are being followed to assessing the customer experience, the possibilities for data gathering are limitless. InfoQuest allows you to fully customize your collection based on the precise location that’s important to you, when and how often you collect, as well as which questions are asked and the data format collected (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, photo, video, etc.)

A few examples of questions InfoQuest customers are asking:

  • How can I quickly get images and full attribution of a new private label item from a key competitor?
  • How can I get the details of a new promotional strategy implemented in a competitive location, e.g., visibility on the digital signage throughout the store?
  • Is pricing at my shelf aligned with pricing at my POS?
  • What do customers think of our store settings and are our customer service associates providing a good experience?

Refine your customer journey with InfoQuest, the ultimate auditing solution for any location.