The Power of Pricing Intelligence

Omni-Channel Pricing Informs On-Target Strategy

RetailData’s omni-channel Pricing Intelligence provides you with full competitive visibility. With a customized approach to data collection and a robust process for delivering and reporting normalized data, our service offering informs decision-making and on-target strategy to win consumers and maximize business impact.

Over a 30-year history as the pricing industry pioneer and leader, we have honed a proprietary and proven process for collecting and delivering the highest quality of accurate, timely and actionable data. Learn more about our approach and services below!

Proven Process

For 30 years, RetailData has been exclusively focused on the collection and reporting of retail Pricing Intelligence.

This specialization is a competitive advantage for you: We understand the complex nuances collecting perishable groceries, private label, and promotions, so that you can access the pricing data you need to quickly make informed decisions.

Our proprietary process is expertly honed to deliver quality pricing data that meets your standards, systems and needs.

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Data Collection

RetailData is committed to delivering the right balance of in-store and online data to inform pricing decisions. Omni-channel data collection, validation, normalization and reporting based on how YOUR customers shop will help you develop competitive pricing strategies with confidence.

  • 52,000 audits each week, both online and in-store
  • 73MM prices collected, validated and delivered, from both in-store and online, to clients each week

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RetailData taps our vast experience to determine the best collection channels to meet your program’s objectives.

Whether in-store, online, or a blend of both, RetailData’s dedicated teams will gather the data required to provide pricing recommendations with a market view that best reflects YOUR customers’ experience.

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Over our 30-year history, we have refined our processes and technologies to provide the very best in-store Pricing Intelligence.

This experience – coupled with our extensive team of Data Collectors located within 30 miles of 91% of all grocery, mass, drug, club and category-killer retail locations and state-of-the-art collection technology – ensures you receive timely, accurate and actionable data.

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With state-of-the-art technologies and proven processes, our in-house team of Web collection experts captures 65MM normalized online data points weekly. Our proprietary online collection process is thorough and accurate to provide actionable Pricing Intelligence for informed decision-making.

Our full capability spans all e-commerce retailers, from “Click & Collect” to pure e-retailers, Web and mobile.

RetailData is constantly conducting analysis to understand how a retailer is operating online vs. in-store, which is vital if the objective is to leverage online as a proxy for in-store.

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RetailData has the ability to drive accuracy by validating and normalizing against current and/or historical data collected. Our methodical approach to validation enables deep and relevant insight into competitor pricing.

  • Validation at the Shelf: Data Collector notified if a price falls outside of expected variance
  • Validation vs. History: Collected pricing is compared to historical audits
  • Validation Across Audits: Collected pricing is compared to other audits conducted in the same timeframe

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Dynamic Product Linking (DPL)
With one in five units sold being private label, data must be matched to drive accuracy and relevance. RetailData’s Dynamic Product Linking solution is a rules-based (tier, size, price) linking engine to match your PL item to the competitor’s.

1:1 Linking
For general merchandise and other categories, you can’t always rely on the UPC of a national brand item to find the link. Through RetailData’s enhanced linking tool you can see competitors’ comparable items and filter by attribution to establish a 1:1 link.

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Reporting & Data Visualization

Whether you have a custom reporting platform that requires specific export parameters, custom requirements for data visualization, or prefer a turnkey reporting solution, RetailData has flexible options that meet your needs.

  • MarketVUE™
  • Legacy Integration
  • Custom Reporting

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Our online team mines pricing data weekly from a sampling of competitors’ ads. Snag-An-Ad captures all components of an ad, including:

  • All products by name, image, reference
  • Item name, description, pack, size, UOM
  • Item UPC
  • Price as reported in ad or calculated if BOGO / % off sale
  • Type of promotion
  • Regular price
  • Depth of distribution (% discount)
  • # of weeks the item has been in ad


RetailData maintains a massive database of more than 160MM data points collected quarterly and analyzed to enable pricing strategy development. Critical criteria is captured to enable robust pre-launch test distribution models and to optimize item selection to improve match rates. The service is offered as a pay-as-you-go model that allows for spend control and targeted data selection.

Additional Services

RetailData also offers an array of complementary services to our competitive Pricing Intelligence programs, including:

Price Scan Verification
A solution customized to address your unique retail compliance needs that helps mitigate tracking, measuring, and reporting variations between tagged and register pricing.

Promotion & Merchandising
Advanced technology that collects pricing and placement data for analysis and informed decisions about merchandising to improve profits.

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