Who We Are

International Operations

home-grid-2Our field staff is managed through local district managers that provide in-market personnel recruitment, training, and quality assurance processes. Our extensive field support team reports directly to managers in Richmond, Virginia.

Every client has an Account Executive that manages their specific requirements and is accountable for results. This system guarantees data is collected, validated, and delivered in a consistent and timely manner.

We set the standard in our ability to collect accurate, actionable, and timely data delivered in a client-defined format. We also offer a comprehensive suite of analytical software.


Canadian Operations

RetailData’s Canadian team is committed to performing the highest quality in-store competitive price audits in the market. We combine our proprietary collection and validation technology and processes with our 25 years of U.S.-based in-store competitive price audit expertise to offer our unique services to Canadian retailers.

We have had a presence in Canada since 2011 and are rapidly expanding both our coverage and our client base.

We design data collection schedules in all Canadian provinces to meet our clients’ custom requirements and would love to discuss your competitive retail intelligence needs.