What We Do

RetailData offers the flexibility to select the markets, competitors, items, frequency, and the type of pricing data that meet your unique needs.

In-Store Audits

When the consumers decide where to shop, pricing is at the center of buying behavior. Pricing pressure is not confined to traditional competitors—it comes from diverse channels of distribution with expanded offerings and product delivery.

Our competitive multi-channel retail audits make your decisions on pricing more strategic—our customized reports help you determine the impact of item rationalization on volume, and define the consumer experience with reports on targeted key items that drive perception. By bringing you pricing data from a variety of retailers and channels of distribution that is accurate, timely, and complete, we provide your organization with a competitive advantage As retailers continue to emerge, evolve and change, this information is vital for your company’s success.

You have the flexibility to select the markets, competitors, items, frequency, and the type of pricing data that best meets your unique needs. Our team of RetailData experts collects and reports data electronically and reviews the information you want through sophisticated proprietary software to ensure 99.9% accuracy and completeness. Then, we deliver data within hours of audit completion.

Our clients have a number of analytical offerings at their fingertips, helping you make the most of the data we collect—we provide actionable information that helps you turn distribution, pricing, promotion, and exception reporting into solutions that make your business stand out from the rest. From start to finish, we deliver information to succeed, as well as the tools to use it to its fullest.


Private Label Audits

Private label is very important, both in terms of creating customer loyalty and driving profits. RetailData has developed a unique method to identify comparable competitive items to your private label products, allowing you to accurately gauge current pricing and optimally price your private label line. Multi-tier private label marketing has created even more confusion in making pricing decisions. Our comparative analysis will allow you to make informed pricing decisions that will ensure customer satisfaction while earning the greatest profits. You’ll be able to make pricing decisions quickly and confidently, and therefore, get the most from your private label line.