What We Do

We deliver retail intelligence via customized competitive retail price shops
that fit our clients’ requirements. We use state-of-the-art hardware and software
to provide observable marketplace facts.

Our Services

In Store Audits

In-store price checks are customized to meet your individual needs. We deliver two basic types of price audits 1) custom list  2) entire categories. Our data collectors use handheld technology that validates the price at the time of collection resulting in swift and accurate reporting of competitive pricing.


By combining the leading e-commerce solution and our extensive field research, we connect UPC data and published ads within 24 hours of release.

eCommerce Audits

Through our proprietary web scraping solution, we deliver web based pricing from retailers.  This data can be integrated into any analytical tool along with in-store and ad data.

Price Scan Verification

Our price scan verification service compares your on-shelf prices to the actual price at the register.  This service helps you identify locations/areas that need improvement and allows you to manage pricing compliance.


Our data collectors are able to gather and report in-store compliance.  Examples include Out of Stocks, POS execution, promotional/price/display compliance, and a variety of other crucial retail observations.  We also gather item placement data to include shelf position, number of facings and adjacencies.

Web Analytics

We change raw data into critical business information that presents a complete picture of your market to help you make effective business decisions.

By The Numbers

We collect retail information from our dedicated professionals throughout the 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Our field staff is managed through local district managers that provide in-market personnel recruitment, training, and quality assurance processes.

Percentage of stores within working distance of our data collectors.

Specialty Retailer


Mass Merchandiser


Wholesale Club